Sapphire crystal watches are a marvel to witness and a delight to wear. Due to the challenging and time-consuming process of creating these intricate timepieces, they are a rare item in the market. It is also because of this reason that most sapphire crystal watches come with a hefty price tag that might send shivers up most peoples’ spines. That is, until WTIF came into the picture. We thought to ourselves: What if [WTIF] we created a timepiece with sapphire crystal, and made it affordable for the consumer?

And so, for the past year, WTIF set out to create a collection of beautiful watches like none other at a reasonable price point. First, though, we had to raise enough funds to bring this vision to fruition, and we did so through way of a Kickstarter campaign that set WTIF on the path to success. Through the prosperous Kickstarter campaign, WTIF not only acquired the necessary financial push to get our project off the ground, but with it was born the idea to provide the eye-catching watches directly to the consumers—cutting out the middle men, so that the clients receive our pieces directly from us along with the rightful care and attention you deserve.

Combining the fashionable pieces with a great, automatic Swiss-made movement, as a high-end watch line, WTIF hopes to deliver functionality and reliability along with style. A piece of this magnitude can easily go for over $2000.00 on the market, however, with our “What If” concept in mind, we decided to provide our customers with these wonderful timepieces for the incredibly low price of $750.00!

Welcome to WTIF, where we not only offer you a classy watch line with a stunning, contemporary design, but we also dare you to ask yourself What if?